We use waste P.E.T. wrapping as our raw material and recycle it in our modern recycling plant situated in the village of Johovac, near Doboj. The plant installation capacity is 400t/month.

Our product offer …


PET flex
P.E.T. regranulate – rPET
P.E.T. foil
P.E.T trays
HDPE, PE, LDPE, PP, PS regranulate

R-P.E.T. color Natur-Transparent

Viscosity IV=0,80 :: Contact

R-P.E.T. color Blue

Viscosity IV=0,80 :: Contact

PP regranulat

HDPE regranulat

P.E.T. trays

APET foil

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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska
74000 Doboj, Johovac

Phone: 053 281 030
Fax: 053 281 031
Email: info@reciklaza.ba

Our sales manager

Name: Maciej Szyszka
Address: Arbuzowa 40 , 60-185 Skorzewo Poland
Tel: +48 511 34 87 30
Email: mszyszka@rapideu.com